L.a. Meatballs

Ingredients :

I Love That Feeling I Get When I See Your Smile

I Love That Feeling I Get When I See Your Smile

I Love That Feeling I Get When I See Your Smile

Shrimp and rice casserole recipe

Serving Size : 12
Preparation time : 15 minutes

Ingredients :

2 cups cooked rice2 cans cooked shrimp drained
1/2 jar green olives /pimentos, diced
3 medium green onions, chopped
1 cup mayonnaise

Procedures :

Mix all ingredients together . If too dry , add more mayonnaise .E
Turn into mold & chill at least 3 hours . Remove from mold and serve with cocktail breads .

It’s a beautiful day today ,here in Los Angeles . It’s nice to do exercise by jogging around the university of Southern California , many students are walking , transferring from one room to another room or another building . My house is just 10 minutes walk to the university . I’m so motivated seeing students and other people doing also the walking and jogging. After I walked for one hour , I feel so energized, and feel great ! I can feel that my heart is pumping blood so effectively that I feel so happy and encourage to do the chores for the day . Then I branced to the super market which is located at one of the buildings in Figueroa Avenue & Jefferson Boulevard just in front of U.S. C. To buy the fresh vegetables and fruits that I’m going to prepare for lunch and dinner .



good morning



​Hello my Dear Subscribers ☺

First Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Here is the next Boom in the social media world.


The last 24 hours I have been in Periscope & the Blab for couple of hours & I really enjoy it. It’s very addicting & funny. Why don’t you try both of them  & tell me what you think?

My website got a facelift

Its been four years now that my website was not touched. But yesterday suddenly  the miracle of focusness came to mind.

At the Chinese restaurant

The seafoods at the Chinese restaurant where we ate today were so delicious & scrumptious.

Just Do It

Just Do It


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